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from May 22
to June 22

  • Band of the Year
  • Best Video
  • Best Song
  • Best Composition

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(3) Favorite Video
(3) Favorite Song
(3) Favorite Composition

What is the Castpel Music Media Awards?

Partly borne out of the frustration for a comprehensive resource for local music gigs and equally inspired by the raw performances that local indie bands exude in offbeat venues, was founded in 2008 as a hobbyist website by a once upon a time musician. Starting out as a limited access website with a fanatical user base, the clamor for continuous improvements could no longer be disregarded in a span of two years. By 2011, with exploding Internet traffic, Captivemedia Corp., a visionary company engaged in building digital communities, absorbed

The Castpel Music Media Awards is the brainchild of Captivemedia Corp.  Its aim is to recognize a band's accomplishment in the creation and promotion of music using a digital medium. With the accessibility of software and music technology for end-users, the local independent music industry is burgeoning. Our belief is to filter the most talented independent bands and validate their excellence with an award . It may get them signed by a large recording label. It may give them fame and fortune. But most important, it will inspire them and others to push the envelope and create great music.

As awards are not simple dole-outs, a fierce and active online competition is held for a period of two (2) months, where audiences can select via internet votes the best music entries for Videos, Songs, and compositions. During this time, we also promote the online competition through other media venues to further ensure user activity. The outcome of this online voting by way of popularity is to come up with a shortlist of ten (10) final entries.

To legitimize the entries, we engage an esteemed panel of judges from the music industry, who stipulate the barometer for music to be judged for the final round. This is a future-proof device to ensure that current entries can always be benchmarked against historical scores. The Castpel Music Media Awards will always have a measuring yardstick to ensure that excellence is upheld.

Due to our over-zealous desire to listen what you have to offer, we guarantee to make it as easy for you to submit your entries. We welcome you both to the competition and the awards. Let it begin!

Castpel Music Media Awards Mechanics:

Are you ready for instant fame and glory and be recognized as the No. 1 indie music band?

We hope you are as hosts its "1st Castpel Music Media Awards" paying tribute to local independent music. Simply submit your entry in the category of your choice and you could get the chance to be voted by your fans as the best band of the year.


1. Bands or musicians that are:
a. At least 18 years old (of legal age)
b. Of Philippine citizenship (if band, majority of its members should be Philippine citizens)
c. Not affiliated with any record label or recording company
2. Contestants who enter MUST
a. Possess a valid government issued ID (Passport, Driver's license, etc.)


Submission of Entries

3. Submit any of the following original* entries for the following categories:
a. Best Video (.mpeg, .mp4, .avi, or .mov format)
b. Best Song (.mp3 format)
c. Best Composition & Lyrics (.doc format with notation)

* Entries submitted should be completely original content.

4. All entries must have been released from the period between January 1, 2011 to December 31, 2011.

5. Entries may be submitted from April 20, 2012 until May 22, 2012 only.

6. Entries containing obscene or lawless acts, nudity, senseless profanity, or copyrighted content will automatically be disqualified.

7. Upon submission, contestants agree that all entries may be used by Captivemedia Corp. for advertising, marketing, promotional, publicity, and all other similar purposes, with or without consent from the sender.

8. Deadline for submission of entries is on May 22, 2012 (Tuesday) at 2359 hours.

Online Fan Voting

9. The approved entries can be viewed at for fan voting from May 22 to June 22, 2012. Instructions will be posted on May 23, 2012.

10. Ten (10) entries will be shortlisted per category based on the most number of online votes as of June 22, 2012, 2359 hours. The ten (10) entries for each category will qualify for the final round and will be contacted beginning June 24, 2012.

11. In the final round, all votes for the ten (10) entries will be carried over and fans can continue to vote online .There will also be a panel of judges from the music industry. The criteria for judging is as follows:

a. Best Video (.mpeg, .mp4, .avi, or .mov format)
i. Relevance of Visual images to Music (20%)
ii. Performance (20%)
iii. Production Design (20%)
iv. Cinematography/ Visual Composition (20%)
v. Video and Audio editing (20%)

b. Best Song (.mp3 format)
i. Technical excellence (40%)
ii. Music integrity (30%)
iii. Social impact (30%)

c. Best Composition & Lyrics (.doc format with notation)
i. Form (10%)
ii. Originality (20%)
iii. Emotional Impact (20%)
iv. Appeal (20%)
v. Focus (10%)
vi. Phrasing (10%)
vii. Hook (10%)

12. The ten (10) entries will be tallied according to the following weighted score:
Number of public votes: 70%
Celebrity judges (based on the criteria above): 30%

13. The entry that has the highest weighted score for each category will be declared as the winner for that category.

14. The entry that has the highest weighted accumulated score for all three (3) categories will be crowned Band/ Musician of the Year.

15. Winner will be announced on July 7, 2012 at the 1st Castpel Music Media Awards at a venue (to be announced). Final details to be announced at
***Winning contestants will be notified via the contact information (mobile and email) as listed on their official entry form within seven (7) days of the announcement.

16. The contest judges and all employees, officers, and directors of Captivemedia Corp. as well as promotional partners/third party suppliers, including their relatives up to the third degree of consanguinity or affinity, are automatically disqualified from joining this contest.

17. Captivemedia Corp. reserves the right to postpone or cancel the awards night or the contest.