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About Us

At the bedrock of Castpel is an intimate community of real people banded together by the love of live music.
Sharing the music together
Castpel is the foremost music space for fans and bands to connect. While typically, you may have to scour the entire web to seek out bands of your interest, Castpel orchestrates all of your music needs in one place. Not only can you follow your favorite bands' gigs, bar hops, and concert tours, you also have unlimited access to their photos, videos, and news updates.
By offering completely customized widgets and applications specific for bands and music fans, Castpel further distinguishes itself from the rest. The Calendar Widget keeps fans informed of your performance schedules as the code is transferred by a simple "copy and paste" into your website or Facebook page . The Gig Wall RSS is an application for fans that aggregates your favorite gigs directly to your social network or blog. The Band Manager is a tool that allows you to instantly update all your gigs, photos, and videos and the Gig Mapper is an tool that allows you to graphically locate the destination bar of your choice.

It's personal.
Would you want to see Sarah Geronimo on your wall when you only listen to Maryzark? At Castpel, the experience is made specifically for you. As soon as you sign up, you are asked to customize your wall such that you only see the bands that interest you. Equally important is how people may see you when they view your public wall, so your interests and profile pictures are displayed exactly how you want it. Your reputation matters.

Calling all musicians.
After all, music is what we breathe, and Castpel gives back by building special tools for bands and musicians. Feature your videos and photos and give the best (or worst) description of the music you like to play. Broadcast the date and venue of your next big performance. Post the lyrics to your songs so your fans can sing along. Because you know, there is a musician in every one.

Socially integrated.
Fusion is originally a musical concept. It is most likely that you are in the social networks of Facebook and Google +, and for this reason, Castpel is seamlessly fused to you social network. From your very first visit, you can sign in directly to Castpel with your social network account. Post comments and make requests to your favorite bands using your Facebook account. Write your own blogs and share this on your Google + wall.

Easy navigation.
There is nothing more pleasing than a website that that enables you to look for exactly what you need. Whether it be Bands, Gigs and Concert schedules, Videos, Photos, and information, our search box displays the results you will find most relevant. We like to keep it simple.

Castpel mobile solutions.
With the exponential rise of smart phones and devices, Castpel is building apps for the iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, and Windows Mobile platforms to reach as many people. Stay tuned for the release of these applications.

Castpel for every nation.
Castpel is rooted in the singing islands of the Philippines but has now reached the shores of the United States, Korea, and Japan. Music is meant to be shared.
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